Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку для 7-9 классов

Read the story and answer: true or false?

  1. Mike thought his job was boring.
  2. Big Jim never bought a ticket when he got on the bus.
  3. At first, Mike wasn`t afraid of Big Jim.
  4. Mike worked hard so he would be ready to make Big Jim pay.
  5. Mike and Big Jim had a fight.
  6. Big Jim used a bus pass, not single ticket.

Big Jim

Mike was proud to wear the uniform of a bus driver. He felt good when he helped people. And he liked driving all around the town and the countryside. He wasn`t a big man, but he was one of the best bus drivers in the city.
One day, Mike went to the bus station as usual. As always, he started his bus but drove along his usual way. For the first few stops, everything was normal. A few people got on his bus. Mike took their money and gave them their tickets. A few people got off the bus. Then, when Mike got to the bus stop on Elm Road, a huge man was waiting for the bus. The man was tall and his long arms were full of muscles. He stepped up onto the bus. He looked at Mike and said, `I`m Big Jim. Big Jim doesn`t pay.` Then he sat at the back of the bus. Mike was surprised about this, and he was also upset. But Jim was so big, Mike wasn`t sure what to do.
The next day, Big Jim was again waiting at the Elm Road stop. Again he got on the bus and said, `Big Jim doesn`t pay.` It happened this way every day for several days. Mike continued to be unhappy about this situation. Jim could be dangerous. What would happen if Mike tried to make him pay? Then Mike had an idea. He started going to the gym. He lifted weights. He took a class in boxing. He started running every day for exercise. After a few weeks, Mike had become very fit and strong. He felt confident.
One day, Mike went to the bus station. As always, he started his bus and drove along his usual way. For the first few stops, everything was normal. A few people got on the bus. He took their money and gave them their tickets. A few people got off the bus. Then, when Mike got to the bus stop on Elm Road, there was Big Jim, waiting for the bus as usual. The big man boarded the bus and, as always, said, `Big Jim doesn`t pay.`
Mike was ready. He knew what to do. He stood up. He looked Big Jim in the eye. He said, `Why doesn`t Big Jim pay?`
Big Jim had a surprised look on his face. Then he reached in his pocket, pulled out a small card, and said, `Because Big Jim has got a six-month bus pass.`

Use the words to complete the summary

afraid fight money paid pass pay paying ticket times upset

When Big Jim first got on the bus, Mike expected him to buy a 1______. When Big Jim didn`t buy one, Mike felt 2___because he thought Big Jim was trying to travel on the bus without 3_____. After Big Jim didn`t buy a ticket several 4_____, Mike decided he needed to ask Big Jim to 5______. But he was 6____of Big Jim. To prepare himself to ask Big Jim for 7_____, Mike exercised to have a 8_____with Big Jim. Instead, Big Jim showed Mike that he had already 9______- when he had bought a six-month 10_______.

Choose the best option and mark A, B, C or D.

1. A horse has got___ legs.

A for B fore C fort D four

2. There`s a cinema in the town centre____there?

A isn`t it B hasn`t C wasn`t D doesn`t

3. It`s Sunday so I_____get up early.

A haven`t to B didn`t had C hadn`t to D don`t have to

4. Does Marcus earn___money?

A many B lots C the D a lot of

5. Have you ever ____to Bangkok?

A go B been C went D gone

6. If the weather is good, I____the children to the park.

A took B taken C take D have taken

7. This is the_____film I`ve ever seen.

A worse B most bad C bad D worst

8. When____the party?

A have you left B has gone C did you left D did you leave

9. Dad can`t come to the phone because he____the dinner.

A will cook B is cooking C cooks D cooked

10. _____happened to your car? It`s scratched!

A Which B Who C What D Why

11. He needs____new printer. He should buy one soon.

A some B the C a D an

12. The train has probably left _____.

A yet B already C still D just

13. There is____ at home. I`ve been ringing all day.

A no one B everyone C someone D anyone

14. I thought the book was very ______.

A excitement B exciting C excited D excite

15. The dentist told me______my teeth after every meal.

A to clean B clean C cleaning D cleaned

16. Mercedes______a new car. It`s called the Smart car.

A had built B have built C build D building

17. _____from Italy ?

A Does you come B Am you come C Do you come D Are you come

18. The hotel _____ by a large fire.

A is destroyed B destroy C was destroyed D destroys

19. Ouch! I____my finger!

A `m just cutting B had just cut C `ll just cut D `ve just cut

20. Look! The cat is in the tree. We should ___it.

A help B helping C to help D will help


You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Tom
…I can`t wait till next weekend! There`s going to be a barbecue in the village square; there`ll be a band there, too. So…Good food and good music. What do you do at the weekends where you live? Is there a cinema near you? Do you often go out?…
Write him a letter and answer his 3 questions. Write 80-100 words. Remember the rules for writing letters.



Use of English

1 F2 T

3 F

4 T

5 F

6 T

1 ticket2 upset

3 paying

4 times

5 pay

6 afraid

7 money

8 fight

9 paid

10 pass

1 D2 A

3 D

4 D

5 B

6 C

7 D

8 D

9 B

10 C

11 C12 B

13 A

14 B

15 A

16 B

17 C

18 C

19 D

20 A

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