Английский язык. Listening

Task 1

You are going to listen to a telephone conversation between Hannah and her father. As you can see there are four alternative answers (A, B, C and D) for each question (1-5). You have to decide which alternative is the most suitable answer and tick the appropriate letters. First you have some time to look at questions (1-5).

You can see there is an example in the test which has been completed. On this occasion only the relevant part of the conversation will be played for you.

Hannah’s father is not able to hear her very well because she is on a mobile phone. So, B is the correct answer.

Now the test will begin. Remember you will hear the recording only once. So answer the questions as you listen.
Now listen to the first part of the conversation and answer questions 1-5.

1. How long did Hannah think it would take her to find a place to live?

A three weeks
B less than three weeks
C more than three weeks
D more than four weeks

2. There is not enough accommodation to rent because

A it is the end of the academic year.
B Hannah is a new student.
C the area has lots of new technology companies.
D the town is small.

3. £400 a month for rent is

A higher than Hannah has paid before.
B lower than Hannah has paid before.
C not cheap for the area.
D cheap for the area.

4. At the moment Hannah is living

A in a hostel.
B in a suitcase.
C in a hotel.
D in a flat.

5. Hannah’s new flat

A is a bit noisy.
B is on the second floor.
C has two bedrooms.
D has a large roof terrace.

Task 2

Before the speakers continue their conversation, look at questions 6-10.

As you listen to the second part of the conversation, complete the numbered spaces 6-10.
Questions 8-10, write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Hannah’s address:
6. __________Whitehart Road
7. __________ 9RJ

Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS to complete each space.
8. Hannah plans to travel to her parents’ house on Friday _________________________ .
9. Hannah’s Dad will return the van on _________________________.
10. The journey time is about _____________________________.
Task 1
1 B
2 C
3 C
4 C
5 B

Task 2
6 22b
7 EX15
8 evening after work
9 Saturday evening
10 3/three hours

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