Английский язык. Use of English

Task 1

For questions 1-15, read the text below and then decide which word on the following page best fits each space. The exercise begins with the example (0). You should put the letter for each question on a separate answer sheet.

Smart Dog!

Dogs are probably much cleverer than most people think, scientists say. They are (0) convinced that dogs can count and that the animals try to (1)_____ different messages through the pitch and pace of their barks. Animal behaviourists used to think their bark was simply a way of (2)______ attention. Now a new study suggests that individual dogs have (3)_______ barks with the range of meanings. For example, dogs usually use high-pitched single barks when they are (4)______ from their owners and a lower, harsher superbark when strangers (5)_______ towards them or the doorbell rings.
Dogs also know when they are receiving fewer treats because they have a basic mathematical ability that (6)_______ them to tell when one pile of objects is bigger than another. But to count, an animal has to recognize that each object in a set (7)_______ to a single number and that the last number in a (8)________ represents the total number of objects.
The theory has been tested on eleven dogs. They were first (9)________ treats before a screen was lowered so that the treats were out of (10)________ . The treats were left as they were or some were added or taken away. If a treat was added or taken away, the dogs looked at them much longer than they did when the treats were not disturbed, (11)________ because they had done their sums and the numbers did not meet their (12)________ .
Dogs are (13)________ from wolves, which not only have a large neo-cortex – the brain’s centre of reasoning – but live in large social groups. This mathematical ability could have been used to (14)________ how many enemies and (15)_______ they had in a pack.

0 A converted B persuaded C determined D convinced
1 A transfer B convey C bear D suggest
2 A paying B attracting C causing D devoting
3 A specific B exact C detailed D specialized
4 A split B detached C separated D divided
5 A approach B appear C draw D move
6 A assists B facilitates C enables D informs
7 A corresponds B ties C fits D complements
8 A sequence B system C progression D succession
9 A tempted B demonstrated C shown D presented
10 A view B notice C perception D sight
11 A likely B presumably C surely D predictably
12 A estimates B calculations C suspicions D expectations
13 A descended B related C connected D evolved
14 A take in B work out C think over D look into
15 A helpers B defenders C allies D partners

Task 2

For questions 16-30, read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct and some have a word that should not be there. If a line is correct, put a tick (٧). Of a line has a word which should not be there, write the word down.

Happy quoting!

_____ 16 Quotations and sayings are part of our language and our way of
_____ 17 life. As the poet Emerson said, we use of them by necessity; to
_____ 18 remind ourselves to look before we leap or to avoid crossing
_____ 19 our bridges before we come up to them. We use them by habit,
_____ 20 often not realizing we are doing so much, and we all love to
_____ 21 use an apt quotation to enliven conservation or score a point
_____ 22 in an argument. This booklet contains over above a thousand
_____ 23 quotations, proverbs and sayings. Together, they offer a great
_____ 24 deal of the information, advice, amusement and comfort.

_____ 25 Emerson wrote ‘I hate quotations’ so it is doubtful that he
_____ 26 would have been used this book – but we hope that you will.
_____ 27 Whether you use it to improve your knowledge more, as an aid to
_____ 28 solving crossword puzzles, to enrich your own speech or simply
_____ 29 for idle reading in your spare time, it will put you in to
_____ 30 touch with some of the cleverest minds of the past and at present.
Happy reading and happy quoting!

Task 3

Which items of furniture go with which words to make compounds?
table floor door cupboard wall stool curtain window shelf bed roof chair
31.__________ manners
32.__________ -pigeon
33.__________ -lift
34.__________ call
35. wall-to- __________
36.__________ show
37.__________ -rack
38.__________ love
39.__________ and breakfast
40.__________ -life
41.__________ -shopping
42.at death’s __________

Task 1
1 B
2 B
3 A
4 C
5 D
6 C
7 A
8 A
9 C
10 D
11 B
12 D
13 A
14 B
15 C

Task 2
16 ٧
17 Of
18 To
19 Up
20 Much
21 ٧
22 Above
23 ٧
24 The
25 ٧
26 Been
27 More
28 ٧
29 To
30 At

Task 3
31 Table
32 Stool
33 Chair
34 Curtain
35 Wall
36 Floor
37 Roof
38 Cupboard
39 Bed
40 Shelf
41 Window
42 Door

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