Задания для 7-8 класса по английскому языку

Reading Comprehension

Part 1
Look at the text in each question. What does it say? Mark the correct letter (А, В or C).




A There will be delays on night trains tomorrow.
B There will be two night trains every hour tomorrow.
C There will be more night trains from platform 6 tomorrow.

Answer: В





A Alan must phone Janet to find out more about his appointment.
B Alan needs to call his dentist if he can’t make the new appointment.
C Alan’s dentist wants to change the date of his appointment.

Answer: В




A If you wish to smoke, go to the smoking area of the train.
B You are requested not to smoke anywhere except in the toilets.
C You cannot smoke anywhere while on board the train.

Answer: С




Dr Rawlin needs more information about
A the number of students.
B the name of the lecturer.
C the topic of the lecture.

Answer: B



A You can only use this seat if you are carrying children.
B People carrying children are requested to remain seated.
C If somebody carrying a child gets on, offer them your seat.

Answer: С




A When you buy two large cakes, we charge you for only one of them.
B We give you a small free cake with every large cake you buy.
C If you pay for two large cakes, we give you a small one as a present

Answer: С




Part 2

Read the text and questions below. For each question, mark the correct letter (А, В, С or D).


Employers are more and more interested in taking on students during their holiday periods. Students can do the easier tasks and free up time for their permanent employees to concentrate on the more demanding ones. Although there is little financial reward for students, it is a great chance to explore their interests and add to their CVs. However, few students know what jobs may be available.

Colleges sometimes advertise summer jobs on their notice-boards and in newspapers, and there are also well-known international organizations which can help. Students can also search the web, find an interesting company and email the manager to ask what temporary jobs exist. This may sound time-consuming, but students then get to work in the company of their choice, so it is what I recommend.
As a science student, two years ago I spent ten weeks in a laboratory in California, helping a group of researchers with their work. To begin with, the job seemed uninteresting because my responsibilities were not clear, but when I started working on a range of projects, such as writing research papers and creating web pages, my attitude changed.

I was paid enough to cover all my daily needs, so I had no financial worries. One of my jobs was to prepare educational material for schools. This was an entirely new challenge which I enjoyed so much that I decided to train as a teacher rather than a researcher when I got back. My only regret was that I’d been too busy to learn more about the USA, but then a good summer job seldom leaves you much free time and you should be prepared for that.

6. What is the writer’s main purpose in writing the text?

A to warn students about low-paid summer jobs
B to describe the best summer jobs for students
C to encourage students to look for summer jobs
D to offer students interesting summer jobs

Answer: С

7. The writer says the best way to find a good summer job is

A to ask their own colleges for help.
B to read the job advertisements in the press.
C to join an organized student programme.
D to contact possible employers directly.

Answer: D

8. The writer found the California job disappointing at first because

A he was not sure what he had to do.
B he had to work on too many projects.
C he did not like research work.
D he lacked good computer skills.

Answer: A

9. In what way did the California job benefit the writer?

A It allowed him to save some money.
B It gave him contacts he could use later.
C It made him change his career plans.
D It taught him what life was like in the USA.

Answer: С

10. Which of these could be the writer speaking?

A A summer job is a good way of getting to see the world.
B Students are often unaware of summer job opportunities.
C Employers are unwilling to offer summer jobs to students.
D Students should be better paid for doing summer jobs.

Answer: B


 Use of English

Part 1

In most lines of the following text, there is one unnecessary word. It is either grammatically incorrect or does not fit in with the sense of the text. For each numbered line 11-26, find this word. Some lines are correct. Indicate these with a tick (✓). The exercise begins with two examples (0) and (00). You will write your answers on a separate answer sheet.






0 How you pack can have as big an impact on your holiday as your
00 destination. There are two kinds of these packers: in terms of how
11 much they carry stuff, some believe less is more and others that more is
12 best. Some go even more further and say that you need only two
13 things for a trip which are your toothbrush and a credit card. Add a
14 passport if you are heading to overseas, but anything needed along the
15 way can be bought. In the ‘more’ category are there people who can’t
16 leave home without a trunk filled with items to meet every contingency,
17 from some floods to sandstorms to afternoon tea with the local mayor. But
18 I would suggest you that anyone can happily get by with one suitcase, and
19 even if you do, you’ll find you feel freer, pay fewer tips, have fewer back
20 pains and move with greater security because you only have one bag to
21 keep track of. If you remember the following tips for travelling light, so
22 you can manage a one-suitcase trip whatever is your destination or
23 how long you plan on staying there. First if you could lay out everything
24 you intend to take, this will give you a good picture of what you are trying to
25 carry and what you might have forgotten. Should you doubt you might not
26 need it, leave it behind. If you think you can’t survive without it, pack it.

Keys Task 1





























Part 2

For questions 27-33, read the text. Use the words in the box to the right of the text to form one word which fits in the same numbered space in the text. The exercise begins with an example (0). You will write your answers on a separate answer sheet.

Example: 0 improvement


According to researchers, we have reached the limits for some sports. No matter how hard we train or whatever the (0) … improvements… in the design of our running shoes, they say we’re just not going to get any better. A mathematical (27) ……….. was carried out to show that most of our track and field records are in fact being broken by chance. The researchers looked at the best annual performances in 22 events in German athletics (28) ……….. over the last 20 years. Only four events showed any kind of (29) ……….. increase over that time and the
record-breaking times fitted the (30) ……….. distribution you would expect if the overall level of performance had stayed the same. The researchers concluded that the (31) ……….. of record
breakers is not (32) ……….. . Record breakers are just (33) ……….. rare.

Keys Task 2





You are going away on holiday and an Australian friend and his family are coming to stay in your house: during your absence. Write to your friend describing two or three local places they could visit, and explain the best means of getting there.

Write your letter.

You should write 100-110 words



Карточка участника

Student 1

Task 1

Look below at the list of different people who have a responsible role in society. Speak about what kind of responsibility each person has and who or what they are responsible for. Then decide who you think has the greatest responsibility.

a teacher        a parent        a police officer

Task 2

A seaside hotel has a large area to build a new facility for guests. Talk together about the facilities the hotel could build, and then decide which would be best for the guests. You speak about a swimming pool (don’t forget that there is a sea), the internet.

Here is a picture with some ideas to help you.

Your answers will be recorded.




Карточка участника

Student 2

Task 1

Look below at the list of different people who have a responsible role in society. Speak about what kind of responsibility each person has and who or what they are responsible for. Then decide who you think has the greatest responsibility.

a doctor         a scientist         a journalist

Task 2

A seaside hotel has a large area to build a new facility for guests. Talk together about the facilities the hotel could build, and then decide which would be best for the guests. You speak about discos (don’t forget that some guests need a quiet area), a gym.

Here is a picture with some ideas to help you.
Your answers will be recorded.’




Task 1

For each question there are three pictures and a short recording. Choose the correct picture and put a tick (✓) in the box below it.
Example: Which musical instrument will the man buy?



 1. What present do they decide to give their uncle?



Answer: B

2. What does Margaret look like now?



Answer: C

3. Where will they have the party?


Answer: B

4. Which magazine does the woman read regularly?


Answer: B

5. Which music event is free?


Answer: A

6. At what time will Brenda phone Jackie tomorrow?


Answer: B

7. What was the boy doing when the lights went off?


Answer: C


Task 2

You will hear a radio presenter reviewing this weekend’s evening television programmes.
For each question, put a tick (✓) in the correct box.

8. Wildlife of Madagascar is disappointing because

A it is not colourful enough.
В it was filmed in a tourist area.
С it shows few interesting animals.

Answer: C

9. The drama series Last Witness

A has a surprising ending.
В has been on TV too long.
С has both good and bad actors.

Answer: A

10. The Bill Smith Show

A has a new actor.
В used to be better.
С is for adults only.

Answer: B

11. Men of Iron, the history programme,

A will start at an earlier time.
В has changed to another channel.
С took a long time to film.

Answer: A

12. Secret Job is recommended because

A it is about a real person.
В the story is original.
С the actors are good.

Answer: C

13. What is the problem with Student Life?

A It has only female characters.
В The stories are not exciting enough.
С There is too much about city life.

Answer: B



Task 1
Which musical instrument will the man buy?
My daughter will be 12 next Saturday, and I’ve promised her a musical instrument. She thinks she’s going to get a piano!
Oh dear. That’s expensive, and then she might not play it very often. Why not get her a guitar, or a trumpet? There’s always time to get her a piano when she’s a bit older …
No, I’ll get her what she wants. I don’t think she’d like a trumpet. And she’s already got a guitar. She’s quite good at it.

1 What present do they decide to give their uncle?
Woman: It’s Uncle Bob’s birthday on Saturday. I was thinking, maybe we could buy him a nice tie …
Man:  You must be joking. A tie’s so personal. Let’s get him the usual thing, a couple of CDs. He likes adding to his collection of classical music.
Woman:  Oh, come on, can’t we be a bit more original this time? How about a lamp for his desk? They’re not expensive …
Man: That’s not a bad idea. Better than a tie, no doubt! Can you buy it, please? I’ve got so much work …

2 What does Margaret look like now?
Woman:  I saw Margaret in the street the other day and I hardly recognized her. I hadn’t seen her for ages, of course. She no longer wears glasses, which makes her look so different.
Man:  Yes, and her hair’s now blonde rather than brown…
Woman: That’s right. And she used to wear it quite short, didn’t she?
Man: When she was at college she did, but she’s had it long for at least three years. Anyway, she’s still the same lovely person, isn’t she?

3 Where will they have the party?
Man 1: We’ll need to think again about our party. I said we could have it in my house, but if we’re inviting 20 people, then my sitting room’s not large enough. Maybe we could have it in a restaurant instead, or in the park, by the lake.
Man 2: I see what you mean. But that would make it a very different kind of party, wouldn’t it? The easiest thing, I think, is to invite fewer people and carry on as we’d planned.
Man 1:OK, let’s have a look at our list, then …

4 Which magazine does the woman read regularly?
Man: Can I borrow your Computer World magazine?
Woman: Yes, you can keep it. I’ve finished with it.
It’s the one magazine I read as soon as it comes on Tuesdays. I get Fashion Today as well, but I read it if and when I have the time, which means I often throw it away unread! You buy Health and Fitness, don’t you? Is it any good?
Man: It’s excellent. You can have it after I’ve read it.
Woman: Thank you, but I think I’ll start buying it myself. I must get fit for the summer!

5 Which music event is free?
Man: Book now for the series of spring concerts at the Lloyd Theatre. Our varied programme will start with an opera evening on the 17th. As usual there’s no charge for this first event but tickets are limited, so you must book now if you don’t want to be disappointed. On the 18th there’s a concert by the Youth Orchestra and on the 20th an evening with The Dolphins, the rock group from Liverpool. Ticket prices for both performances are £25 and you can book by telephone or online.
6 At what time will Brenda phone Jackie tomorrow?
Brenda: Hi, Jackie, it’s Brenda. I’d very much like your opinion about something. Can you talk now?
Jackie:Sorry, Brenda. I’m on my way out. It’s a quarter past ten now and I have a meeting in 15 minutes. Could you call me tomorrow at a quarter past eight, please, if that isn’t too early for you …
Brenda: Oh, that’s fine. I’m usually up by half past seven!
Jackie:OK then. I’ll be expecting your call. Bye for now!

7 What was the boy doing when the lights went off?
Boy: When the lights went off, I decided to go to bed, although it was only 9 o’clock. An hour earlier, I’d phoned Mario about a school project we’re doing together. We had a long chat — about our homework and about football. He told me about the Liverpool versus Manchester United match on the telly. Then I felt hungry and I started making myself some supper, thinking I’d have it in front of the telly — I was really looking forward to that. That’s when it all went dark.
Task 2
Man: And now for some reviews of what’s on TV this weekend … Now, Saturday first…

At 5.30 on BBC 2, you can see Wildlife of Madagascar. We see, not the most popular region in this great island, but one of the least visited areas, the amazing mountains of the north-east. Great scenery, but Madagascar has some of the most incredible animals. We hear about them -the indri, for example, which looks a bit like a monkey and is almost completely black. But we hardly ever get to see any of them, which is a pity.

Same time on Channel 4, The Witness, the best drama series on TV for ages, comes to an end. This six-part series about lawyer Peter Barnes has kept our interest alive for weeks, and I can only tell you that you should prepare yourselves for a very unexpected conclusion. As usual, though, excellent performances from Jack Lloyds a the bright lawyer and Paul Winters as his quiet secretary.
At 7 o’clock, there’s The Bill Smith Show on BBC 4, with a comic performer who is goo but who was funnier when he first started five years ago. If you remember his show it was then, you’ll notice the difference. The laughs are still there, but some of his sketches often seem too long. Good entertainment for all the family, though, if that’s what you want.

Now, Sunday. There’s been a change on BBC 2 — Men of Iron will be at 8.30 instead of 10.30. Make a note of that because this is about Brunei, the man who built the greatest railway in England in the 19th century and also wanted to create a high­speed transport link between New York and London. It’s one of the best history programmes for a long, long time.

At 6 on Channel 4 there’s Secret Job, the detective series based on a best-selling novel. In this episode, we watch Detective Joe Barker using his skills to solve a murder mystery. Although it is similar to lots of other detective stories, the quality of the acting makes it special and really worth watching.

Finally, on BBC 1 at 9.30, Student Life is a new series about a group of university students and their busy lives in the big cit; of London. In this first part, we meet Louii and Clara, two biology students who shar a small flat. I don’t think there’s enough in this series to keep young audiences interested, unless there is a marked improvement next week.

That’s all for today. Enjoy …


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