Школьный тур олимпиады по английскому языку. 9-11 классы. 2016 год


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Задание № 1


You are going to read a magazine article about working in offices. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A-I for each part (1-8) of the article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. 

A A problem often overlooked
B Get regular rest
C Managing your meals
D More than just keeping fit
E Changing your mind
F Effects on others
G A variety of health problems that can be solved
H Learning to enjoy exercise
I A modern problem

Find your energy again
1 ________
The offices that most of us work in aren’t the most healthy places in the world. If you work in a building that is more than 50 years old, it may not be perfectly designed for the office environment but it is probably healthier than one built recently. Even the best designed of today’s offices represent an artificial environment where it can be difficult to stay positive and bursting with energy.
2 ___________
Complaints about feeling tired, no energy, no interest in food, headaches and backache are commonplace. Office workers often say that these health problems are the inevitable consequences of working in an office. However, this is not the case. While there may be little you can do about the ever-ringing phones or the tempers of your colleagues, you needn’t feel unwell. There is plenty you can do to restore those energy levels and feelings of well-being.
3 ___________
The first thing you must address is tiredness. If at the weekend you stay up all night dancing or going to dinner parties and sleep all the following morning, you can’t expect your body to adjust on a Monday morning to a completely different routine. Some people seem to keep this lifestyle up without any trouble but for most of us it isn’t a good idea.

4 ___________
Our diets are another way we mistreat ourselves. Many office workers say they don’t have breakfast — but you really should eat something, however small, before you leave the house. And if you’re busy over lunch or have to go shopping, it’s possible to forget that too. So you get to the evening and suddenly realise how hungry you are. This is a disastrous way to manage (or not manage) your diet. Nothing is more important than eating and drinking regularly.
5 __________
You should also do a session of exercise once or twice a week in the evenings. This will help you to get to sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning. Recent American research has established that regular, vigorous exercise is a good way of improving your mood and that the effects last far longer than the session itself. It does have to be vigorous though -walking or tennis have to be kept up for at least an hour to have a positive effect.
6 ___________
All the advice on exercise says that you should choose something which you like doing. To this, many people reply: but I don’t like doing any form of exercise! Most people start off with the intention of exercising but soon lose interest. The answer here is you must do it until you get so used to doing it that you miss it when you don’t do it. In order to motivate yourself, you need to keep reminding yourself of the advantages.
If you’re working in an office with no natural light, you should go out for a walk for at least half an hour a day, even when the weather is dull and rainy. The importance of spending some time in daylight is often ignored. We now know that lack of sunlight can cause depression. It is, however, something that needn’t happen because it can easily be overcome.
8 ___________
You may be bothered by some of your colleagues’ bad temper or lateness. Think about how their behaviour influences your own state of mind and remember that you don’t need to behave in the same way. You are much more likely to enjoy your evening or weekend if you leave work feeling positive and it’s the same for your colleagues.

Вопрос № 1 10 балла(ов)
Choose the suitable combination of letters:
IEBCDHAF Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 2 10 балла(ов)



1. Several structures have been removed from the text. Put them back in the text so that they grammatically suit the context. There are some extra words.

A plane carrying 15 members of the government to a conference in Brussels 1_______ a small scale fire 2______ this morning. The plane is thought to have been about 20 minutes into its journey when the fire 3 _______ in the luggage department. It 4_______ how the plane caught fire, but early eyewitness reports confirm that a trail of smoke 5_______ coming from the undercarriage. The fire 6 ______ rapidly under control, but the pilot 7_____ make an emergency landing. Five people 8______ treated for shock. The plane 9______ with businesspeople flying to Belgium. All 209 passengers were made 10_____ behind for questioning after landing at a military airport in northern France. Police are believed to have been treating the incident as suspicious.
A. is not known
B. was packed
C. was seen
D. is thought to have been
E. is known to have experienced
F. to stay
G. earlier
H. occurred
I. was brought
J. were made
K. are believed to have been
L. was obliged to

2. EGHACILKBF Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 3 1 балла(ов)
2. For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space. My wife Penny and I are recovering from weekend visitors. Don’t misunderstand me – we enjoy company and love to (1)……..our friends and relatives. But not this time. Fred and Kate were old friends from our college (2)………So you would think we would have a fairly (3)…….. idea what sort of people they were, even though we hadn’t seen them for (4)……..years. We soon discovered, unfortunately, that our lives had (5)……..very different directions. Penny and I have two small children. Delightful but (6)…….., they dictate the style of our life. (7)…….. many other young couples, we find weekends are a matter of trying to snatch a few moments of relaxation in between catching up with all the (8)……… Kate and Fred (9)……..more money than us, they work longer hours, and they (10)……..their leisure time to be just that, leisure. The (11)……..tiring thing Fred does on a Sunday is to walk up the road to the (12)……..newsagent. To be (13)…….., Kate wasn’t as bad as Fred. But she wasn’t much better. By the time they left, Penny and I were exhausted. We’d cooked, served and cleared up six meals without a (14)……..offer of help. We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Luckily, we (15)……..to laugh.


A entertain
B visit
C receive
D host Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 4 1 балла(ов)
A terms
B days Это правильный ответ
C times
D ages
Вопрос № 5 1 балла(ов)
A fine
B strong
C good Это правильный ответ
D right
Вопрос № 6 1 балла(ов)
A numerous
B plenty
C passing
D several Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 7 1 балла(ов)
A taken Это правильный ответ
B left
C chosen
D had
Вопрос № 8 1 балла(ов)
A tired
B tiring Это правильный ответ
C amused
D amusing
Вопрос № 9 1 балла(ов)
A As
B Like Это правильный ответ
C Similar
D Same
Вопрос № 10 1 балла(ов)
A homework
B housekeeping
C household
D housework Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 11 1 балла(ов)
A gain
B fetch
C earn Это правильный ответ
D bring
Вопрос № 12 1 балла(ов)
A intend
B expect Это правильный ответ
C insist
D rely
Вопрос № 13 1 балла(ов)
A more
B very
C most Это правильный ответ
D almost
Вопрос № 14 1 балла(ов)
A near
B neighbouring
C local Это правильный ответ
D district
Вопрос № 15 1 балла(ов)
A fair Это правильный ответ
B true
C real
D straight
Вопрос № 16 1 балла(ов)
A lonely
B unique
C alone
D single Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 17 1 балла(ов)
A achieved
B succeeded
C reached
D managed Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 18 1 балла(ов)
3. Choose the correct form of the verb.
1.I noticed the man _______his ticket so I picked it up for him.
a) Drop Это правильный ответ
b) dropping
c)to drop
Вопрос № 19 1 балла(ов)
2. The tour guide advised the tourists not ______too much money out with them.
a) Take
b) taking
c)to take Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 20 1 балла(ов)
3. Don’t make the children ______with us if they don’t want to.
a) Come Это правильный ответ
c)to come
Вопрос № 21 1 балла(ов)
4. I recommend ________the hotel before you set off.
a) phone
b) phoning Это правильный ответ
c) to phone
Вопрос № 22 1 балла(ов)
5. It was my drama teacher who encouraged me _______an actor.
a) become
c) to become Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 23 1 балла(ов)
4. Choose the correct collocation.
1 She ______attention to what I told her and started working harder.
c)paid Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 24 1 балла(ов)
2 I ________over a hundred photographs on my trip to Antarctica.
c)took Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 25 1 балла(ов)
3 She_________ me a nice compliment yesterday.
b)paid Это правильный ответ
c) brought
Вопрос № 26 1 балла(ов)
4 I ________a bad dream last night and woke up sweating.
b) made
c)had Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 27 1 балла(ов)
5 The President _______tribute to all the people who had supported him.
c) paid Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 28 1 балла(ов)
5. Choose the correct particle according to the meaning of phrasal verbs1. The effects of the drug will start to wear _____ after a couple of hours and it should be safe to drive after 8 hours.
A) out
B) down
C) away
D) off Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 29 1 балла(ов)
2. This report really isn’t good enough and I´m afraid you’re going to have to do it _____.
A) by
B) out
C) over Это правильный ответ
D) on
Вопрос № 30 1 балла(ов)
3. David and Jane did their London place _____ quite cheaply and managed to sell it for a fortune.
A) by
B) in
C) up Это правильный ответ
D) on
Вопрос № 31 1 балла(ов)
4. I hear they´re planning to do _____ with the teaching of Latin. I think that would be a terrible mistake.
A) out
B) away Это правильный ответ
C) off
D) down
Вопрос № 32 1 балла(ов)
5. You’ll have to sign _____ when you arrive in the morning until such time as you´re issued with your own pass.
A) on
B) off
C) up
D) in Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 33 1 балла(ов)


Choose the best item A, B, C or D.
1. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle was started by

A) King Alfred the Great Это правильный ответ
B) Bede the Venerablе
C) King Arthur
D) William the Conqueror
Вопрос № 34 1 балла(ов)
2. The basic unit of Celtic life was
A) a clan Это правильный ответ
B) a family
C) a community
D) a household
Вопрос № 35 1 балла(ов)
3. Richard I was called ‘the Lionheart’ because
A) he fought with lions
B) he was supposed to be very brave Этоправильныйответ
C) he was very kind
D) he was a successful ruler
Вопрос № 36 1 балла(ов)
4. The Great Charter of Liberties is
A) the Magna Carta Это правильный ответ
B) the Doomsday Book
C) the Order of the Garter
D) the Canterbury Tales
Вопрос № 37 1 балла(ов)
5. G. Chaucer was called
A) the Father of the English language Этоправильныйответ
B) the Father of Middle English
C) the Father of novels
D) the Father of poetry
Вопрос № 38 1 балла(ов)
6. King Henry VIII executed _____ wife (ves)
A) 2 Это правильный ответ
B) 3
C) 1
D) 4
Вопрос № 39 1 балла(ов)
7. The English Renaissance started under the rule of
A) Henry VIII
B) Elizabeth II
C) Elizabeth I Это правильный ответ
D) Mary Stuart

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