Школьный тур олимпиады по английскому языку. 7-8 классы. 2016 год

45 минут на выполнение

Задание № 1

I. Read the article and choose the correct answer, a, b or c.
There is something about the English Channel that has always fascinated the human race and it has always played a special role in British history. The sea itself has always been important to mankind but the Channel often created a barrier between Great Britain and the Continent. This barrier has existed for more than 12,000 years and the desire to break it has occupied the minds of many people for almost two hundred years.

The construction of the tunnel is perhaps the most incredible engineering project of the 20th century. In fact its completion was called a «technical triumph”.
However, the first proposal to build a Channel Tunnel appeared in 1802, when a French engineer presented his project for two tunnels to cross it. Historians say Napoleon was interested in that plan. But Napoleon was more interested in fighting the British than in linking the two countries, and shortly afterwards a new war between England and France began. There were many other plans to build a tunnel but unfortunately all of them failed. It was not until after the last war that Britain and France began seriously considering the project. On the 12th February, 1986, Mrs. Thatcher and President Mitterrand signed the Franco-British Treaty which allowed the construction and the operation of the Channel Tunnel. The tunnel was completed eight years later.
It is now very quick and easy to cross the Channel. You don’t have to book a ticket. The Channel Tunnel trains operate twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. You can now cross the Channel in thirty-five minutes. At last the great barrier has been broken.
In 1996, the American Society of Civil Engineers, with Popular Mechanics, selected the tunnel as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.
Вопрос № 1 1 балла(ов)
1. What has always been important to all people?
a. The English Channel.
b. The sea. Это правильный ответ
c. The tunnel.
Вопрос № 2 1 балла(ов)
2. What did Europeans want to do for many years?
a. To create a barrier between Great Britain and the Continent.
b. To sign a contract on the construction of the tunnel.
c. To connect Great Britain and the continent by train service. Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 3 1 балла(ов)
3. When did the Channel Tunnel begin to function?
a. In 1994. Это правильный ответ
b. In 1986.
c. In 1996.
Вопрос № 4 1 балла(ов)
4. Who proposed the first plan to build a tunnel under the Channel?
a. Napoleon
b. A French engineer. Это правильный ответ
c. President Mitterrand.
Вопрос № 5 1 балла(ов)
5. When did the construction of the tunnel become possible?
a. After the treaty had been signed. Это правильный ответ
b. After the engineering project had been presented.
c. After many other plans had been discussed.
Вопрос № 6 1 балла(ов)
6. Why is it easy to cross the Channel at present?
a. The tickets are cheap.
b. The tickets are sold everywhere.
c. The trains go day and night. Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 7 1 балла(ов)
7. What is the best title for the text?
a. Engineering Projects.
b. The Channel Tunnel. Это правильный ответ
c. Seven Wonders of the World.
Вопрос № 8 10 балла(ов)
2. The parts of the following text are all mixed up. Put them in the right order
Robbie’s first business

One day, grandmother told him her secret way of making jam. Robbie made too
much for the family to eat so he took it to other people in his street. He made more
and more jam. It tasted so good that his parents’ friends started buying it from him.
Robbie added all his costs together then decided on a price.
Robbie enjoyed art most at school. He liked maths and music too, but because it
was hard for Robbie to spell words correctly or to understand texts, he didn’t enjoy
being at school. In English, he had lots of problems.
Then he made a business plan on the computer with the help of his dad. Now people
can buy his jam at a weekly market. It tastes wonderful and it’s healthy because
Robbie uses grape juice, not sugar, to make it.
“I’m still only 14 but I’m already a businessman!” Robbie laughs. “Last week I
earned 93 euro because 87 different people bought 58 kilos of my jam, and a
supermarket wants to sell it too. My career is jam-making, I think!”
So, when Robbie was 12, his parents decided he should leave school and study at
home. There, he learnt about business and working on computers, and spent more
time happily studying art, exercising and practising the violin. Robbie’s
grandmother started teaching him to cook too. Like his mother and aunt he really
enjoyed doing it.
1. B C А D E
2. B A E C D
3. B E A D C
4. B E A C D Это правильный ответ
5. B C A E D
Вопрос № 9 1 балла(ов)
Use of English

3. Choose the right variant
1. I must … this work today.
a) make,
b) do, Это правильный ответ
c) be making,
d) be doing.
Вопрос № 10 1 балла(ов)
2. How … times did you call me?
a) much,
b) many, Это правильный ответ
c) little,
d) few.
Вопрос № 11 1 балла(ов)
3. It’s quiet today, … no wind.
a) it is,
b) there is, Это правильный ответ
c) it was,
d) there was.
Вопрос № 12 1 балла(ов)
4. This test is … difficult for me to do.
a) too, Это правильный ответ
b) enough,
c) even,
d) ever.
Вопрос № 13 1 балла(ов)
5. Shall I give you … more tea?
a) some, Это правильный ответ
b) any,
c) no,
d) much
Вопрос № 14 1 балла(ов)
6. He was … injured in the accident.
a) bad,
b) badly, Это правильный ответ
c) very,
d) strongly.
Вопрос № 15 1 балла(ов)
7.What did he … ?
a) speak,
b) talk,
c) say, Это правильный ответ
d) tell.
Вопрос № 16 1 балла(ов)
8. Do you remember when you went to the theatre … ?
a) last, Это правильный ответ
b) last time,
c) at last,
d) for the last time.
Вопрос № 17 1 балла(ов)
9. Mary doesn’t learn Spanish, … ?
a) does it,
b) doesn’t it,
c) doesn’t she,
d) does she. Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 18 1 балла(ов)
10. Can you tell me what time … ?
a) is it,
b) it is, Это правильный ответ
c) is there,
d) there is.
Вопрос № 19 1 балла(ов)
11. The more you do now, the … will be left for tomorrow.
a) more,
b) much,
c) less, Это правильный ответ
d) little.
Вопрос № 20 1 балла(ов)
12. Why … I ask anybody for help, I can do it myself.
a) can,
b) could,
c) have,
d) should. Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 21 1 балла(ов)
13. By the end of the next week they … all the exams.
a) have passed,
b) had passed,
c) will have passed, Это правильный ответ
d) will pass.
Вопрос № 22 1 балла(ов)
14. Everybody … the film is interesting.
a) say,
b) says, Это правильный ответ
c) said,
d) have said.
Вопрос № 23 1 балла(ов)
15. We were sorry we … the bus.
a) miss,
b) missed,
c) have missed,
d) had missed. Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 24 1 балла(ов)
16. We have not decided yet when we … into the new flat.
a) move,
b) moved,
c) shall move, Это правильный ответ
d) would move.
Вопрос № 25 1 балла(ов)
17. Ted suggested … the party at his place.
a) holding, Это правильный ответ
b) to hold,
c) having held,
d) being held.
Вопрос № 26 1 балла(ов)
18. There are heavy clouds in the sky, it … to rain soon.
a) is unlikely,
b) is going, Это правильный ответ
c) is possible,
d) seems.
Вопрос № 27 1 балла(ов)
19. All the books … .
a) have sold,
b) sold,
c) have been sold, Это правильный ответ
d) had been.
Вопрос № 28 1 балла(ов)
20. I’d like him … a success.
a) to be, Это правильный ответ
b) to have been,
c) being,
d) will be.
Вопрос № 29 1 балла(ов)
Country study

4.Choose the right answer
1. Which character does not belong to English literature?
a) Humpty Dumpty
b) Winnie-the-Poo
c) David Copperfield
d) Tom Sawyer Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 30 1 балла(ов)
2. Which of these is not a traditional English sport?
a) basketball Это правильный ответ
b) cricket
c) golf
d) polo
Вопрос № 31 1 балла(ов)
3. Which of these countries has never been a British Colony?
a) Australia
b) India
c) Canada
d) Japan Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 32 1 балла(ов)
4. When do the Scots celebrate Burn’s night?
a) November,25
b) December,25
c) January,25 Это правильный ответ
d) February,25
Вопрос № 33 1 балла(ов)
7. Which is a traditional dish on Burn’s night?
a) scrambled eggs
b) bacon and eggs
c) porridge
d) haggis Это правильный ответ
Вопрос № 34 6 балла(ов)
Use of English

5. Choose a word which fits all the three sentences in a block. There is one word which you don’t need to use.
1/ The minute_______ of the clock didn’t move. It was clear the clock was broken.
Please __________in your keys when you leave the hotel.
The letter was written by___________ and sometimes it was difficult to understand the words.
1. Like
2/ There will be a thirty-minutes ________ after the third lesson.
He didn’t know he was going to ___________ the law.
Be careful. You can fall down and __________ your arm.
2. Free
3/ I doubt they’d give one of those jobs to the ________ of us.
I went and bought myself a new pen just ________yours.
Do you feel _______ going for a swim?
3. Break
4/ Feel _______ to say what you want.
The swimming pool is ______ to hotel guests.
We want to give all children a world _______ from violence.
4. Room
5/ The ship was large enough to _________three hundred people.
I want to book a ________.
Is there enough ________ for me in the car?
5. Hand

6. Face

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